Studio to School

eJournal #11 – Reflecting on Rubric Process

Jamie Haden, the teacher representative on the Studio to School Team and a health and leadership teacher at Ashland Middle School and Katherine Holden, the Associate Principal at Ashland Middle School and the Project Lead on the Studio to School Team, worked together to move through the rubric process.  Throughout the process there was mostly agreement between these members about where the Ashland project is at.  We were able to highlight a number of aspects of the project that are thriving (Supporting Teaching Practice, Finding and Retaining Arts Educators) and a number of other areas that are also strongly embedded.


Filling out the rubrics helped us to reflect on where we are at, and where we would like to go next year.  Among the goals for next year is the desire to include students more in programming and adapting curriculum to support and celebrate students’ creative processes.  We would also like to strengthen our arts integration in core classes by using common language in art and core classes.  We are excited to launch the Habits of the Mind posters and encourage more collaboration between core teachers and the art departments.


As far as feedback for this process, in all honesty, we’re not sure how this is all that different from the other assessment rubrics we have developed in years two and three, that helped us set goals and map our projects.  We always appreciate the opportunity to assess, reflect, and reset our course, if necessary, and this process again helped us do that.  Any activity that requires conversation and facilitates brainstorming is helpful!


Unfortunately, due to the many changes at the Ashland Art Center this spring, we were not able to collaborate with our non-profit partner for this activity in the way that we would have liked to.  However, just in the last two weeks we have met the new Executive Director at AAC and we are off to a good start.  We are excited to work with Johnna Pope and continue strengthening our partnership with more artists at the art center next year.

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