What a great gathering last month! We really enjoyed checking in, connecting and learning alongside all of you. Thank you all for your participation, input and thoughtful comments. Special thanks to Elizabeth at Caldera and Sei at Ethos for hosting us.

We came away with lots of ideas for strengthening our principles, refining our initiative-level logic model and focusing the next stage of our Learning Community, including how to infuse equity, program quality and sustainability at every level.

It’s also a time of renewal for “Project 19” (that’s us!), and we’re working on aligning our priorities moving forward. We heard from you loud and clear that quality and sustainability are the right priorities to focus on in year four and beyond, specifically in the areas of:

  • Teaching artists and arts specialists
  • School administrators
  • A strong and diverse Learning Community/Network
  • Youth and school teacher voice (how do we bring these voices in to this work?)
  • Resource development
  • Advocacy (Thinking about our work at the state level, as an 18-program strong initiative. How can stories connect our work? How do we enlist different voices that “aren’t the choir”?)

We’re looking forward to digging into these elements with you, and in the meantime, we’re wondering:

  • What did you take away from this gathering? What was most helpful?
  • What questions do you have about our work together going forward?

Please let us know by commenting on this post!

As a reminder: Our board will vote on your pending reviews in early May, so look for word from us by mid- to late May.

Thank you for the hard work, passion and creativity you bring to these projects every day. We are excited about what’s coming next.

Happy spring!

Mariposa, Wood Rat, Hazelnut, Water Dog and Fern

AKA the OCF Team