A Day In Paradise October 2015

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In the fall of 2015, Caldera teaching artist, Julie Keefe, Peninsula art teacher, Lori Shippey, parents and volunteers took Peninsula students on a beautiful October day “A Day in Paradise.” A Day in Paradise included the opening of Fallen Fruit at the Portland Art Museum, Oregon artists projects throughout the Parks Blocks, along the river and in the museum, and an opening of Caldera youth art work at Wieden + Kennedy. Students took part in a Native American War Hoop, a collective collage making experience, singing to the river, learning various cultural handshakes, and posing on a bike statue.

Urban Fruit Trails November 2015

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Urban Fruit Trails was another project designed by artists collaboration Fallen Fruit. At Peninsula’s Harvest Fair Julie Keefe provided students creative opportunities to contribute to Urban Fruit Trails planted at Open School North and Green Zebra. Julie and artist, Larry Yes, lead students in painting wooden boards with colorful words that became tree surrounds for young sapling fruit trees. The words thought up and painted helped encourage the literacy component of the Peninsula Caldera art projects. In the classroom, Julie continued the apple theme with compelling journal entries students wrote on the journey of an apple from seed to fruit.  What does it need to grow? What do pesticides do?  How much time does it take to fruit?

The Music that Makes Us May 2016








The Music That Makes Us was an exhibition at Disjecta presented by the Art and Social Practice MFA Program in collaboration with musically-inclined partners from Kenton including Peninsula students lead by, Caldera teaching artist, Julie Keefe. A cross-section of community members were invited to expand their musical practice and collaborate on an installation of ephemera that explored the broad range of musical experiences in the neighborhood. Throughout the exhibition there were programmed events, including temporary rehearsal space, music lessons, and a guided audio tour exploring public space through personal histories. The project culminated with a closing reception/festival of performances by the musicians featured in the exhibition, ranging from local church and school choirs to bands and individual artists. The Music That Makes Us investigated a neighborhood through its music, and emphasized the value of diverse musical expression within a community.

Year Round Fun at Peninsula!

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