17 Days 7 & 8

During the last two days with Mr. Walther, the students at HMS put their creativity into action by performing small puppet plays for their peers. Over the course of the two weeks, Mr. Walther taught students how to create a puppet, how to give puppets a voice, how to utilize puppet movement on stage, and how to create an interesting story line. As a result, students created16 some wonderful folk tales and stories to share in class with their puppets.

Mr. Walther also taught students how to narrate certain parts of their storyline, how to use improvise, and still follow a basic structure to a folk tale. One of the most well-known tales Mr. Walther used was the story of the three little pigs with some v15ariation. He guided students through the storyline but still encouraged creativity and improvisation. The students has a lot of fun as did the audience of peers.

So, after two engaging weeks of puppetry, the student walked away with a well-rounded experience and increased confidence being on the center stage in front performing a puppet show. All students enjoyed the last couple weeks with Mr. Walther. HMS students and staff are very grateful for the experiences learned and shared with Mr. Walther.

This wonderful learning experience was funded by the Studio to School Grant, which is managed by Har18ney ESD, through partnership with the Oregon Community Foundation.