Day 5

Today, Mr. William Walther showcased some of his personally hand crafted puppets. All the students were very excited and interested in the different hand puppets. Some of the puppets are made from cloth while others are made from Styrofoam and papier-mâché.

Studen12ts continued to papier-mâché their individual puppets. Some of the additional features to add included eyes, mouth, freckles, beards, and hair. These final features really bring out the uniqueness of each puppet.

Mr. Walther also showed students some pictures from China, which he took on one of his various trips to the country.


Day 6

Today, Mr. William Walther led the students through the process of developing a fairy tale story line. Throughout his presentation, he reiterated the importance of the number three. The number three is used often stories, fairy tales, and art because it makes things interesting and easy to remember. Afterwards, William involved the students in the process of creating a story 14with a beginning, middle, and end. He selected students to come to the front of the class and guided them through the process of storytelling.

Later, he demonstrated how to use the puppet correctly. William helped the students demonstrate actions, feelings, sounds, and different voices with their puppets. The students had a great time creating silly and fun characters. William also helped the students understand the value of entering and exiting the stage correctly.