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Students continued to work on making their puppets. The students learned how to utilize butcher paper and wheat paste to create a skin tone on their puppet designs. Mr. Walther lead students through the process of breaking down the paper fibers by bend and twisting the paper as much as possible. Then once the fibers were loose, 11student began tearing pieces off into manageable sizes. The next step is to dip the butcher paper into the wheat paste and smoothly apply to the puppet head. In order to achieve a realistic appearance, students had to work patiently and apply the right amount of wheat paste.

The papier-mâché process was quite engaging. Students really enjoyed getting sticky while crafting the character of their puppets.


Day 4

Today was a very special day for students at HMS! Mr. Walther did a 3 Little Pigs Puppet show with unique similarities and differences to the traditional story. This past week, students have been lead through the puppet-making process and today they had an opportunity to critique the show9

performed by Mr. Walther. After the show, Mr. Walther led the students though a series of questions related to his performance including what went well and what mistakes occurred.

Through this evaluation process, students learned what common errors young puppeteers make. Next week, once all designs have been finished, students will be led through the process of creating a fairy tale and study the parts of a story line.