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Day 1 – Introduction to Puppeteering with Mr. William Walther!

The students at Hines Middle School enjoyed a wonderful opportunity working with Mr. Walther, a popular artist, writer, and puppeteer. Mr. Walther lead students through the puppet-making process while encouraging creativity, cooperation, and fun!image (5)

On the first day, Mr. Walther introduced himself to students in Ms. Schwieren’s 6th grade Social Studies and Mr. Martinez’ Drama and Art classes. There are well over 100 6th-8th grade students who will be directly involved in puppet-making. The ultimate goal is not only for students to enjoy the process of making puppets, but also to learn how to develop characters, change their voices, and use haimage (1)nd gestures to communicate a story or script.

Mr. Walther is sharing his wisdom and experiences in a way that captivates all students. Thanks to the Studio-to-School grant, provided by the Oregon Community Foundation, and the coordination by Harney ESD, HMS students will have a well-rounded, hands-on learning experience with puppets!


Day 2 – Let’s Make Puppets!

Today, students were lead through the beginning phases of puppet-making. Mr. Walther provided all the necessary materials so students could craft their individual puppets.

In order for students to know what type of puppet to make, they had to pick out scripts fimage 3rom a pre-select set and assign themselves character roles to those scripts. Once students grasped knowledge about their script and their character, they applied those ideas to the crafting of their particular puppet.

Students also worked in community with other students sharing materials, ideas, and getting inspiration from one another. Students created puppet heads, noses, ears, and other fun features like beards and hats. Tomorrow students will begin creating a base color for their puppets and papier-mâché them.

Everyone at HMS is very excited and thankful for the time and resources Mr. Walther is sharing with students.