7th Graders showing off their prints and clean Hands!

7th grade Students Showing Off Prints and Clean Hands!

Students at Sunset School began the school year by creating a design for the front of their art portfolios.  Each student will have a portfolio to keep all their artwork for the year.  Students began this project with a printmaking lab.  They were able to try a variety of printmaking techniques including: fruit and vegetable prints, string printing, Styrofoam printing, and stamping with handmade stamps.

Fruit and Vegetable Prints

Fruit and Vegetable Prints

Flip-flop Stamping

Stamping with Flip-Flops and other Found Objects

During our second session, students used their prints and other paper to create a collage that would  decorate one side of their art portfolio. While designing their collage, students took into consideration the elements of art: pattern and shape.  They also designed a composition that showed unity and variety of the elements.

Creating the Collage




Completed Portfolio

One Completed Portfolio