oaklea collage student quotes


Student Interview Quotes

Why do you like ArtCore?

“Well I don’t like people like when they are teaching it. You got to do it exactly like this. Like some people do that. That’s like the only thing that I don’t like about art…. And that’s why I like Art Core. Cause they just tell you to just go with it. Like you do your own thing.”

So do you get to use your imagination a lot when you are doing school work?

“When you are like, say you are like stuck like and like doing some kind of problem when I get stuck I take a break and I just start thinking and drawing on the side until the problem comes to me because I’m thinking about it at the same time while focusing on something else… Yeah. Like I get like really frustrated so I start writing and then I get back to it. Because when I draw it gives me like a sense of flow. So when I get back into it I’m still flowing through it.”

So what are some of your most favorite learning experiences recently in school?

“I don’t know. I guess Art Core. Drawing and like the outside art, I forgot what that was called…You go outside and you like take things and you make art. Like me and a friend got some sand and started making like designs in the gravel so when people walk by they can see it. Yeah and another person made it on a tree. And they made like a sculpture or something, I don’t know what it was…Its different because usually people have pen and paper or bricks. I never even heard of going outside making art.”

About peers in his class…

“When they go to art core you know they are like, well before they go to art core they don’t do any of the work or anything and then when they go to art core and they come back they are just working right away because they are already in that flow so they just come back and start working like they should be…Yeah he had like all Fs. He didn’t like doing homework and then when he went to art core and then came back he started working a lot and he just got into the flow and his grades started coming up more.”

About ArtCore his teachers…

“When they typically can be real serious and never have anything to say and when they go to art core you know they get more excited and when they come back they are uplifted and not real serious. So it’s more fun.”

“Teachers getting more involved in the students because they come here and they watch us. They don’t do anything really. They take us on field trips yes but they don’t do anything on the field trip. Like they don’t get involved with the students. Actually I had a teacher that was involved and it was great because we all learned more. Because he had got involved and it made it everything more fun about it. So the teachers should be more involved with the students doing this stuff…”

About Betsy

“Yes like she doesn’t like, I don’t know if she just says it, she doesn’t like say like aw this is bad because in art there is no bad thing until you say it’s bad. Like let’s say I’m supposed to draw a straight line and you can barely see a wiggle and you’re like aw I messed up right there and everyone knows now because you just explained.”