Oaklea Teacher quotations on their first year of ArtCore 

“I feel a lot more comfortable than I was.  I was just saying out there that I feel like I – from what Betsy has taught; those lessons, I feel like with some preparation I could teach them…it would still take a little bit of time, but there is nothing that I felt like, oh, I couldn’t do that. Everything I think I could do.”

“So I think with learning they have to, especially some certain students, they need to do it their own way.”

What do you want to work on? To “…Just always having more and more engaging lessons…keep finding ways to teach things in different ways. I think now that testing is over, I am teaching certain things and I’m teaching it differently than I would before…I wish I could implement that more into all of the time.”

“So you teach a lesson and you move on.  If the kids don’t get it they don’t get it.  You don’t have time to sit and spend 5 days on something and you just have to hope that it soaks in enough…So now I’m able, I did geometry and probability after testing where we’re cutting out shapes and we’re just not just doing the book work and the worksheet to learn it…. But having a fun time creating things with the shapes that we could do.  It’s just a total different feel than before.”


On first impression of the ArtCore project

“I was excited because any time we get anything extra resources I know that that’s good. But I was very hesitant – because I didn’t know – I feel like it’s in some ways a crap shoot, I’m not artist. You don’t know.  My last experience with an artist I just don’t think we had time to really set it up right.  So I was nervous as to what it would entail…And oh my goodness it’s just been so much better than I even dreamed it could be.”


“[What’s] Surprising is just I was actually saying that earlier today.  Anything that we do in our classroom is really hard to get 100% buy in…Even fun things.  Like we’re going to watch a movie and you’ll have a kid, “I don’t like that movie.” And I feel like with Art Core with my class – Absolutely 100% buy in.  I can’t tell you a student that is negative about Art Core, not one. They all look forward to it and that was shocking to me. Because I didn’t think that was possible.”


“But I think a lot of it is what we can take to the classroom after we’ve had the lesson.  We’ve tried to – the words that she talks about, we try to then keep those going in the classroom.  And I think that’s more of our co-teaching of how it works with us.”