Oregon Community Foundation Studio to School Grant

Illinois Valley Performing Arts


Phase 1 Activities, September

  1. Arts educator’s weekly schedules and program Scheduling, plus general lay-out of year
  2. Meetings with school contacts to confirm timing of start and class rooms/ space, field ideas and concerns
  3. Confirm school administrative assistants, get them w-9 forms and turn in to IVCDO, all contractors new w-9’s with IVCDO
  4. Check-in with partners about structural adjustments etc. (This year we changed the project lead and the organization responsible for cutting checks to independent contractors)
  5. Facility use forms turned in to school district for enrichment shows/ activities
  6. Flyers adjusted and approved by district, then distributed to schools
  7. Recruitment assemblies scheduled
  8. Web site, reader boards and announcements organized with school administrators
  9. Meet with teachers to pitch program and Scheduling of arts integration residencies, field ideas and concerns
  10. Banners made and placed in schools
  11. Open house appearances scheduled
  12. Pedagogy scheduled and begun for class programming
  13. Previous year’s budget finalized
  14. Organize and prepare equipment/ sound
  15. Purchase journals and other supplies
  16. Coordinate all necessary paperwork with front office for new teachers, background checks
  17. Press Release out to mark beginning of the season/ year and promote grant plus press contacts
  18. Enrichment score first and second drafts to pedagogy
  19. Student handbook and parent communication discussed and scheduled
  20. All educators equipped with bell schedule, school schedule, and contact lists
  21. Attendance and time sheets to arts educators