Three Rivers Studio to School 2015

Partners: Lorna Byrne, Evergreen, Illinois River Valley Arts Council, Illinois Valley Community Development Organization, dancefarm, and Oregon Community Foundation
Arts Educator Team:  Gina Angelique (Lead Educator,) Eliot Feenstra and Lindsey Gillette (Arts Educators,) and Nick Reynolds (Arts Assistant)
Project Lead: Lindsey Gillette
Administration Team: Nick Reynolds and Christopher Hall
School administration Team: Joann Snook and Mary Morgan
Partner Leads: Scott Polen, Kenny Houck, Kent Fisher, David Regal, Gina Angelique

The 2015 Studio to School Lorna Byrne Performing Arts program will
Provide 5 Arts Integration residencies with Lorna Byrne teachers
Provide 4 hours of after school arts programming, 2 in theatre and 2 in dance on Monday and Wednesdays 3:30-5:30 at Lorna Byrne, and Tuesdays 1:30-5:30 at Evergreen
Provide Enrichment activities such as 2 productions (A Christmas Carol rendition and Cavetown) among other arts opportunities like 24 hour play fests, Arts in the park, OSF field trips, flash mob performances, and additional performing opportunities.

The Arts Integration portion of this grant is intended to serve Lorna Byrne teachers and students with arts pedagogy that improves the educational delivery of required material.  This year we will engage in 5 projects with 5 teachers. We request that teachers make a booking at the start of the year, with the knowledge that scheduling may need to be adjusted. The basic format for each residency this year will be 4 weeks long, 3 days per week
Take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the first 2-3 morning periods of the day.
Provide a $300 stipend to participating teachers

Eliot Feenstra will be our Arts Integration teacher again, and will be working with you to ensure scheduling suits your needs.  Gina Angelique will be overseeing all projects and participating as needed.

Please contact with feedback, questions, and scheduling preferences.