We are at the inaugural year of the Summer Institute.  Twenty-six teachers enter the institute with varying degrees of artistic experience and confidence. Some teachers couldn’t wait for the institute, while others were wondering if this professional development would really make an impact in their teaching.

The Oaklea team focuses on community engagement, inspired by the August Rendezvous. How can we involve more Junction City residents in ArtCore? How do we share the power of arts education and integration school-wide?

The theme of the institute is deeper learning. We are discovering the importance of metacognition and having a growth mindset to support our young learners. Deeper learning provides students with transferrable skills that they can utilize in all aspects of their lives.

ArtCore is the opportunity for students to go deep.

One of our Oaklea teachers comments, “I studied metacognition when I was a new teacher. Now twenty years later, I am wondering why I haven’t used this approach in more of my teaching!”

It was sometime on day two when the room shifted. The room is buzzing. Teachers are creating art. They are connecting with each other. They are developing customized lessons that integrate the arts into content areas and Studio Habits of Mind. They finally have time to collaborate and intentionally develop multidisciplinary units and assessment.

Every single teacher left the institute more empowered, excited and equipped to dive into ArtCore this upcoming school year.

SI Oaklea collage