These three questions guided an end of the year gathering of the ArtCore Oaklea team at Betsy Wolfston’s studio.

What worked?

Some initial findings from our qualitative research show that the 130 Oaklea students who have completed one year of arts integration through ArtCore are “more confident to try new things.” Most affected are “kids that are lost inside themselves…not because of school but because of family and life.” As one teacher states, “ArtCore reaches them and brings healing to them…gives them a sense of identity.”

The experience collaborating with a local artist to help bring art to their students has “been so much better than I even dreamed it could be.” One teacher notes, “[our artist] really wants to know ourstudents, feel their heartbeats and understand what we go through as teachers.”

Another states,“anything we do in our classroom is really hard to get 100% buy-in [from students]…but I feel with ArtCore – absolutely 100% buy-in. I can’t tell you a student that is negative about ArtCore, not one.”

art core eval collage


What next?

This August, teachers and artists will meet again to further develop curriculum modules that integrate arts into the school day and help link habits of mind and growth mindset across subject areas.

Betsy Wolfston imagines through ArtCore,”a student will get to experience first hand how creativity links over to all other learning that is happening within a school day. Learning becomes creative, and we give the student the tools to make this true with their own life.”