Are you an artist?

“Before ArtCore, I probably would have said no,” states one Oaklea teacher. “Now, I am an artist.”

We conducted professional development with teachers and teaching artists to creatively envision
an approach to lesson design. We focused on developing “Big Ideas” to integrate the arts with the
curriculum that resulted in studying Ancient Civilizations to teach us to nurture and accept
differences, identify common experiences, and show our connections as human beings.One teacher who has been teaching for over fifteen years, had an “aha” moment. “This is going to help me teach all of my classes!”

From “very little experience” with arts integration to “openness and a growth mindset,” Oaklea
teachers feel that with some preparation, they have began learning how to integrate art as a
sustainable component of their curriculum.

“Sixth grade teachers are feeling like we are co-artists in a studio with our students and are feeling
more comfortable each day to teach some of these art lessons on our own,” states Oaklea 6th grade

This August, our Oaklea 6th grade team and a 7th grade instructor will attend the ArtCore Summer Institute. During the Institute, attendees will be inspired by a keynote address on Growth Mindset with Kendra Coates, experience the talents of award winning student poet Gypsy Prince, and collaborate and create their own artwork that will inform the direction of their integrated curriculum for the year.

Oaklea PD collage