From January to June, ArtCore “Weaver” Betsy Wolfston worked weekly with four sixth grade
teachers and their 130 students to integrate the visual arts into social studies, language arts, math,
and science lessons. Betsy and the sixth grade team co-planned lessons to provide
multidisciplinary links, in which artistic skills and studio habits of mind support student learning and
engagement. This required weekly planning and ongoing communication with the artist and
teachers. Over the course of time, teachers began taking more initiative and leading many
components of the art lesson.
During the fourth week of ArtCore, Betsy challenged teachers and students to a simple color theory
project that brought together science, math, and social studies concepts. By creating abstract
‘worms,’ students and teachers related their color choices to measuring light and sound waves. By
limited their color palettes, Betsy explored the idea of colors created by natural elements in Ancient
Egyptian civilization. The abstract pattern of the worms across the page were created with math
concepts of measurement and division of space. The most sustainable piece of this project is that it
is simple and successful, allowing for the teachers to teach this lesson on their own. A teacher
remarked that she had made a ‘mistake’ creating her worms, but realized with Betsy’s support, that
the mistake just become a part of the piece and a new direction for creative expression.

Oaklea ArtCore Collage