Entrepreneur and STEM advocate, Alex Witherspoon taught OMMS students how to operate a state of the art drone on a beautiful sunny day in North Portland. Students got an aerial view of their neighborhood as they took turns controlling the movement of the drone and the independently operated 360 degree camera. Alex has experience flying drones commercially and privately for innovative organizations who utilize drones for flight simulation during pilot training to environmental uses such as forests surveying.

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Alex Witherspoon is a serial entrepreneur operating with partnerships focused around technology start ups and technology research and development in the Pacific Northwest in the USA. Existing portfolio of efforts range from automated robotics and avionic systems for lightweight aerial vehicles, to educational technology start-ups. Alex’s passion for enabling others has involved outreach in educational endeavors for technology enablement as well advocating for STEM and youth education.


Check out some of the videos he’s taken with the drone OMMS students flew above their school: