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How would you define the word hero? Can an everyday person be a hero?

Hollywood Theatre Studio Exploration students created a video poem in response to the topic of heroism. Poet and activist, Isaiah Spriggs helped guide the writing potion and narrated the final poem.

I am a Hero

By: Open Middle School

A hero is someone who fights for good,

who helps people in need,

all without needing to receive a reward.

I became a hero when I stopped bullies from hurting people.

My powers as a hero are to make people

feel good about themselves.

I stand up for people who can’t stand up for themselves.

When I got my powers I realized I could help people that really needed it.

I stand up for those who have lost their voice to fear.

As a hero I stay strong because no one understands me.

As a hero I’ve fought against my brother

and his fists that sometimes hit me.

As a hero I learned that I’m invincible.

As a hero I never give up because I enjoy helping others.

Everyone needs to be saved from something….

….before it’s too late.


Download the I Am A Hero Handout to view our original poem template.