Faculty and staff at Open Middle School participated in a GoPro training provided by the Hollywood Theatre Education Programs. Participants responded to the prompt, “How has media influenced or changed Open Middle?” and recorded their responses in pairs on a GoPro Hero 3. This training was a great way to have fun with evaluation. We highly recommend incorporating an engaging activity like this one into your next survey.

Have a GoPro? Check out our GoPro Teacher Training Handout to learn how to control a GoPro with an iPad.

Here are some responses from camera shy folks:

Students are coming up with creative ideas that include media provided by the Hollywood Theatre. For example, students are working on an anti-bullying skit using Ipads and the skills learned through the program.” – Damon Miller, Student & Family Services

Media has been a great addition to my classroom. Ipads offer great experiences and solid engagement through a variety of math apps. Students enjoy playing games and build math skills at the same time. Students also benefit from new projects, new processes and new approaches to learning math! – Blaine Burnham, Teacher/Advocate


I have seen so many students who do not have access to media in their homes be filled with so much excitement and wonderment at the possibilities of what they can do with the equipment from Hollywood. Having this equipment reaches some of our learners in a completely different way. – Jane Strugatsky, Program Coordinator