The Caldera/Peninsula team continues to build recognition and trust in the school community as well as the Kenton neighborhood through thoughtful and creative activies.   One of the most recent is a Saturday at the Kenton Library where students interviewed community members with the help of guest sound artist, Kestrel.  Although not well attended by students, it was attended by the Kenton community and was well reviewed.  We are interested in the opportunites to engage on a more bi-lingual level.

Another one of our goals is to form a very small advisory committee to help continue to engage students and promote outreach over the summer months.  Some ideas include Disjecta, the Kemba Shannon Dance Studio, a PTA member and a Peninsula parent.

A few things we have learned is that by engaging the entire school in the “Best of Me” series was very meaningful and will also provide a creative platform for the entire grant cycle.  Peninsula is very open to creating projects that engage students with the community.  One of our future goals is to create a photo montage installation for the entrance and corridors of the school that reflects the vitality of this amazing group of students.