Please enjoy the comments of David Douglas staff members during their recent visit to a dress rehearsal at the Schnitzer.

Cherie-Ann May   John   teacher

Below is just a sampling of what the OCF Studio to School grant has done for the students, teachers, and parents at Gilbert Heights Elementary and the orchestra strings at Alice Ott Middle School:

10 string musicians from 45th parallel  have provided a total of 43 hours of private instruction to 26 students Jan-Feb

An Oregon Symphony percussion quartet and an OSO string quintet have each spent the day at Gilbert Heights meeting in classrooms for the personal connection and then performing for all of the grades in two back-to-back performances at the end of each visit. In the evening the string ensemble performed a community concert, attended by parents, students and neighbors. Before and after the concert, kids got to try out all of the string instruments-lots of interest! On March 18 the OSO Woodwind Quintet will spend the day and offer their community concert, which is free and open to the public at 6:30-7:30 pm.

The teachers have participated in professional development meetings and a workshop is coming up on March 20 with principal percussionist Niel DePonte called “Instant Composer”. They will develop lessons with music integrated into them to strengthen learning of concepts and vocabulary as well as authentic assessment.

On a sunny Saturday a small group of Gilbert Heights Staff members sat in on a dress rehearsal of that amazing Orff piece “Carmina Burana”. Afterward, they met with Maestro Carlos Kalmar and Niel DePonte to talk about the importance of music throughout the curriculum and learning to play or sing as a life-long skill to cultivate.

The grades 3-5 came to the Concert Hall and attended the Young People’s Concert in early March. They were so excited and when they spotted me in the lobby, said “Hey, I know you!” I call that getting somewhere with the 650 students we have met 2 times now and look forward to going on April 29 with the Brass Quintet and the percussion ensemble for their Community Concert on April 22 at 6:30-7:30 pm.