There is still a certain magic for me whenever I begin working on film, knowing that something will either come out great or not, or even better something beautiful and unintended occurs and the world of happy accidents makes itself felt. Either way when I develop the film and begin to see the images appear, that’s a special feeling.                                                                                                                                    – Ben Popp


Local animator Ben Popp hosted a field trip for Open Middle School students at the Hollywood Theatre this past Wednesday. Ben is an animator, educator and experimental filmmaker who works primarily with 16mm and super 8 film. Ben has taught a variety of classes and workshops for the Hollywood Theatre Education Programs and for various schools and organizations around town.

After Ben’s screened a few rare animations, half of the group got an exclusive tour from the theatre’s head programmer, Dan Halstead………


….while the other half created their own experimental animations.

Check out one of Ben’s cut-out animations shot on super 8 film!