Students enrolled in the Hollywood Theatre’s weekly exploration class are working together to create a poem and short video about what it means to be a hero.For the video portion of the project students are using the iPad app, Super Power FX. Their group poem will be performed by poet Isaiah Spriggs in front of their video at an event at the Hollywood Theatre on June 6th.

To help inspire students with their project Isaiah visited the studio and performed his, “I am a Hero” poem…..

I am a Hero
By: Isaiah Spriggs

Ever since I can remember I could see things before they happened.
I first was confused and didn’t trust and take advantage.
The probability of what it is that I have envisioned
has always been parallel with God’s precision.
Through the years I began to understand the responsibility,
I began to not question but utilize what I’ve been given.
Evil forces in the form of everyday people
began to terrorize my town from the streets to the steeples.
They were dressed in colors and suits and had the power to persuade,
every day they hit my city with pollution filled grenades.
They tried to cage us and drain us until we were finished.
Their intention was to enslave and kill the will that is in us.
But we did not give up because I’ve always seen the truth.
They may be able to kill your body but they cannot kill you!




Check out this video poem of Isaiah performing one of his original poems, ‘What is Truth’ filmed by Resident Media Artist, Taylor Neitzke.