Happy New Year all!

I am looking forward to getting back involved in your classrooms and idea generating soon. Since we don’t get to see what is happening in each other’s classrooms, I wanted to start sending out some updates to you all. We have some great things to celebrate from our students work and I am excited for us to share those things with each other as well.
In the classrooms:
Peterson: Abby and I have been exploring strategies to include new materials into her kindergartner’s sensory time. We have recently been exploring clay and all of the different shapes that it can become.

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Petersen: Irene and I have been exploring the way clay can help us wake up stories. After first taking a couple sessions to get used to clay and what it can do, we started to have conversations about how clay can show stories. We spent some time with the students thinking about stories of the wind storm in December and thinking about their memories of a winter storm. (You will see these pieces and documentation from them in the front hallway very soon.)

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Flores: Melody and I have been thinking through ways to encourage 3rd graders to really connect themselves to a material and to help them value the work they created. With that idea in mind, we have been exploring the idea of animals as ways to describe ourselves. We first explored this idea using aluminum tooling foil (in the photos) and then more recently using painted paper collage.

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Mann: Kate’s students have been working with me in small groups to explore how color can represent more abstract ideas. So far this has meant taking time to slow down and really notice colors in everyday objects from our lives. This has lead us into choosing a color that represents ourselves and sharing a short explanation of why we chose that color.

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Have you seen: (documentation to check out)
Irene has a great documentation poster outside her classroom celebrating the stories that the students shared through clay.

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Crystal has been taking some time to talk to students about “What makes an artist?” and is showcasing their work and words in the front hallway.

updtae6 update7

Abby will very soon have a large provocation of “How can we explore materials together?” paired with great large images of the children for the kindergarten sensory studio.

Matt and I are always eager to discuss the questions and ideas bubbling up for you as we engage in this work and to support your explorations!  Consider the door to connect always open.