Open Meadow Middle School Visits OMSI “Animation” Exhibit

This fall, Open Meadow Middle School traveled to fantastical animated worlds and experienced the power of animated and digital storytelling, thanks to a new partnership between Hollywood Theatre Education Programs and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) at OMSI’s new “Animation” exhibit, which opened on September 27.

At the exhibit, an Animate It! kiosk—based on the Hollywood Theatre’s popular monthly Animate It! workshop for kids ages 7-11 allowed visitors young and old to experiment with stop-motion animation and green screen special effects. Using provided iPads, props, costumes, and animated backdrops, visitors transported themselves into scenes from Cartoon Network’s popular show “Adventure Time” and into other animated worlds. Short sequences created at the Animate It! kiosk can be reviewed by visitors on site at OMSI, as well as uploaded to the Hollywood Theatre’s YouTube channel for guests to view online.

Additionally, Hollywood Theatre Education Programs contributed 1 large-screen video installation that featured short-form animated films created by young artists from Open Meadow High School and the Donald E. Long Juvenile Detention Home as part of the Hollywood Theatre’s Stories in Movement course, which supports self-expression through personal narratives.


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