Bridging the ancient art of storytelling with 21st century technology

In 2014, Fishtrap and JosIMG_0293eph Charter School launched an exciting new program that offers students instruction in creative writing and the modern tools to share their stories. Through this partnership Fishtrap has developed a story lab at Joseph School, filling it with iPads, audio recording equipment, cameras, and art supplies to give kids the opportunity to express themselves through multi-media and digital storytelling.

In the coming years, this Oregon Community Foundation funded program will expand to include a second story lab at the Fishtrap House in Enterprise, OR and provide creative writing opportunities for students throughout Wallowa County.

IMG_0509Comments from some of  our students:

To me, digital storytelling is more about your background, what feels good to share with others.

-Ashlie McAfee

This class was more enjoyable by far than others. I thought it would be too hard but I buckled down and put my mind to it.


IMG_0580Be creative and have no limits!

-Steven Beckmann


I really liked the humor other students used in their work.

-Renee Seal


What is digital storytelling about? Telling a good, funny, serious, etc. story in a differenIMG_0184 2t way.

-TJ Grote
A word or words that sum up my experience with digital storytelling: clutch, dope, fresh, fly, swaggy. I really liked the ideas, time, and effort other students put into their work.

-Tyler Holman


IMG_0195Digital storytelling is all about telling a story with pictures, video, and narrative.
-Kade Kilgore


I like how people compare their projects and share them with each other. Advice: Make sure you have a narrative first because it is hard to put a narrative to a whole bunch of pictures without one.

-Haley Miller


Digital storytelling is a chance to express yourself and your creativity. -Emma Hite