This is where S2S Project Teams will find resources to support their project evaluations, including materials from workshops, trainings and webinars.

What’s new?  

There are two separate (but closely related!) evaluation efforts in Year 5: principles work and individual project evaluation.

  • For principles work, teams have select 1-2 principles that they would like to focus on.
  • Project leads select a small group of team members to fill out individual reflections on the chosen principle(s).
  • OCF evaluation staff will visit each team, facilitating a meeting to reflect together on how the project has evolved in regards to the chosen principle(s).
  • Supporting materials for principles work:
  • For project evaluation work, each team writes 2-3 evaluation questions that they would like to answer this year, and then determines how they will answer those questions (what tools will you use?).
  • The evaluation questions are due October 1st.
  • Project teams will submit an end-of-year report about their evaluation outcomes in August 2019. REPORT TEMPLATE HERE
  • OCF evaluation staff will provide support throughout the year to help you answer your evaluation questions. During site visits (for the principles reflection team meeting), we will meet with project leads to provide further support for project evaluation work (including revisiting your logic model).
  • Supporting materials for project evaluation work: