What are you planning to measure in year 5?
We will be looking at both quantitative and qualitative measurements. Because we are entering into our 5th year of programming, we think it is appropriate to begin to measure some mid-range impacts since inception.

o How has this year’s measurement plan changed from last year’s?
– What did you measure in year 4 that you will measure again this year?
We will continue to look at the numbers of students and their frequency in our program as well as monitor their grades and school attendance. We will also continue to measure hours in class, rehearsal and pedagogy.

– What, if anything, will you measure this year for the first time? Why?
Our audience counts will become more specific this year as we will be tracking how many parents/relatives attend performances. This count is required for the 21st Century Program and will be challenging to measure, but it will be informative.
New this year are two student assistant internship positions. We will document the hours they spend assisting and training as part of their internship requirements.
Finally, we will be measuring impact in two areas. We are curious to ask the questions: how and how much has RiverStars Performing Arts increased appreciation of the performing arts in our community since 2014 and Has there ever been a RiverStars Performing Arts performance inspired you to take a different action in your life? When was that performance? What was the changed action? Why was it important that you change your normal course of action?
These impact areas are important to us so that we know if our program is making a difference in the broad community as well as on the students.

Submitted by Lindsey B Jones with input from Kari Kvittem and Gina Angelique (RiverStars Teaching Team)