RiverStars Performing Arts Sustainability Plan 10/31/16

Contributed Income Opportunities:

1. Write grants: Goal: $20,000 This will be the largest source of income for Riverstars.

  • Foundation Grants partnering with our nonprofit Illinois Valley Community Development Organization (IVCDO) to cultivate ARTiculture.

2. Partnership with Three Rivers School District: Goal: $14,000

  • Budget allocation from the district.
  • Funding from the 21st Century Federal Grant.  Possibility of our team managing this grant.

3. Drive for 5 Campaign: Goal: 100 people to donate $5 per month=$6,000.  Become a sustainable donor by signing up for our monthly subscription service that automatically donates $5 (or more) monthly to RiverStars.  Publicize at shows, flashmobs and Thrillerween Trick or Treating.

4. Change Up for Kids Campaign:  Goal: $10,000 Annually partner with local businesses to host 2-4 week period of rounding up bills for kids cultural programming in the valley.  Partners may include: Shop Smart, Ray’s, Taylors, IV Building Supply.

5. Develop individual donor base: Goal: $10,000

  • Asking within and outside of our Valley.
  • Tapping into the burgeoning recreational cannabis businesses.  Now accepting anonymous cash donations.

The amount of contributed income for program: about 85% of $70,000 budget

Earned Income Opportunities:

1. Performing Arts and Arts Integration Workshops and Master Classes: Goal: $2,000 from bookings and consultations.  There is a need for this service within schools and community groups.  Instructors will be paid, expenses will be covered, and a percentage will go to RiverStars programing.

2. Enrichment/ Show Income: Goal- $6,000 from two shows

  • “Pay What you Can” admission: Our community is used to contributing small amounts to support programs.  It also directly correlates to our value of access for all.
  • $20 front row tickets: available for presale to increase community contributions.
  • Selling “product placement” in our shows to local businesses.

3. Product sales: Goal: $1,000 from sales of DVDs, T-Shirts, etc.

4. YouTube Channel that makes money by monetizing videos that demonstrate theatre, dance and integration games for teachers to use in their classrooms. The videos can direct customers to buy written materials like play scripts, game books, and integration curriculums.  Goal: $1,000.

The amount of earned income for program: about 15% of $70,000 budget