In 2020, we see our community’s arts education looking like our current Music Matters program on steroids.  We envision that the work that we are doing between ASMS and the Shedd Institute will be incorporated in to all of the middle schools in Springfield.  Every student in Springfield will have the opportunity to have a professional musician teach them in small groups in their instrument to help them to perform better.  We are already starting this process as we reach out to Thurston Middle School to put things in place for next year.

We also see this process being replicated in several areas of the fine arts.  We are hoping to reach out to places like the Lane Arts Council to bring in arts professionals to help provide mentorship and small group instruction in the art classrooms.  This could be replicated with theater programs as we work with local companies to bridge the gap between the schools and the arts organizations.

We feel like these partnerships will make it possible for Springfield to continue to be known as a community that values the arts and understands that it is all better when we work together.

Our program should be a standard by which we can begin.  As arts programs see the value of reaching out in to schools and as schools see the value added of partnering with arts organizations, we should be able to accomplish some of these goals.