There are a couple of different ways in which we wanted to focus our success indicators this year.

1.  We wanted to make sure that each student was touched by this grant in some way this year and that each student would have the opportunity to receive some sort of music enrichment experience this year.

2.  We wanted to encourage our students to be lifelong musicians and especially to increase the overall number of students and retain the number of students who participate in band and orchestra.

3.  We wanted to increase the number of students who participate in private lessons and camps provided by the Shedd Institute.

4.  We wanted to increase the number of students and families who attended performances at the Shedd and the evening performances at ASMS.


  1.  Every student was touched in some way by this grant.  Every grade level took a field trip this year to the Shedd and was able to participate in a musical experience of some sort.  8th grade went to the Mariachi del Sol performance, 7th grade to Honey Whiskey Trio, and 6th grade to Taiko percussion.  Through these three performances, every student was able to go to the Shedd Institute, learn more about what offerings are available there and then participate in an interactive musical experience.
  2. We saw an overall increase of 33 students in our band and orchestra programs.  Most of this was due to the retention of our 7th and 8th graders.  From the 2014-15 school year to the 2015-16 school year, we only lost 4 students in band and orchestra.  We anticipate that this will continue to increase next year as we head in to the third year of the grant.  This coming year, our 8th graders will have been participants in this grant their entire middle school experience.
  3. We had 30 students participate in private lessons this summer and 20 students in diverse amps provided at the Shedd Institute this summer.  This was an increase from last summer; however, we would like to explore how to provide these options to our lower income students who don’t have access to get themselves from Springfield to the Shedd Institute in Eugene.
  4. We had an enormous increase in the number of students and families attending performances at the Shedd this year.  We tried a new option of giving specific ticket vouchers for specific performances rather than a general voucher for any performance.  This felt more like an invitation and students and their families used many more than had been done last year.  Our performances at the school had one huge success and one miss.  The success was with Mariachi del Sol.  We were able to combine their performances with student workshops at the school in the afternoon.  The students then played alongside the Mariachi for one song during the performance.  The involvement of students was integral in getting more people to attend.  The second event was one that was very successful last year but didn’t have large attendance this year.  It may have been because it was a repeat performance or because there was another event in the community occurring on that day for middle school age students.  The challenge of making the school schedule work with the schedule of the artists that are in town is a challenge.  We still have not been able to “engage” some of our community that are not traditionally involved in music and that is one of the challenges that we would like to address for next year.