The King School Jazz Band and Community Outreach

The most important thing we learned about community outreach is how necessary it is for the sustainability of the project. Before the August rendezvous, we were thinking of the King community as the students, teachers and parents. but now we see that we need to look outside of the walls of the school to have an impact.

Impact on thinking:  We are now thinking of ways to involve the community: the old “Alberta” community, the new residents and the businesses.

We already started having posters designed to spread throughout the community just to tell people that there is a jazz band at Martin Luther King School. We have reached out to the new PTA president in order to make a presentation and become involved with their planning. Last year we worked through the principal and weren’t successful in reaching parents. so we now will be more pro-active.

In order to develop a culture of arts appreciation, we will need to reach many people with our message and with the progress of students as they become more successful. We have started by asking to make a presentation for teachers and conduct a professional development workshop. Getting teachers involved is the first step. Moving to a sustained effort with parents is important. We will be featured at a back to school night presentation on September 15th for the student body, faculty and parents.

Those who are not at the table:

Other school administrators- We will find out who represents the Jefferson cluster so we can meet with them and gain support.

Decision makers within Portland Public Schools- A presentation to the School superintendent and her staff.

Local businesses- Posters and information distributed to all local businesses with specific information about public events they can attend and opportunities for sponsorships.

SEI as coordinator of SUN School- they coordinate the after school SUN program and our younger students will be receiving instruction after school. We will try to involve the main SEI program and build a partnership.

The AMP mentors- We will begin to bring the high school students to instructional sessions with fifth and sixth graders to encourage mentorships.

Portland Youth Philharmonic- We were encouraged to continue to have discussions to see if we can build a relationship there in order to find additional mentors for the students and to build a relationship between both organizations.

How will we know that the community is engaged.

75% of families participate in our events.

When student participation increases and the PTA remains involved.

When local business owners attend events.

When other administrators either attend classes or events.