Studio to School

A Great Five Years

The Value of the Studio to School Learning Community

Reflection e-journal assignment #14

submitted by Monica Hayes, education & community Oregon Symphony

As the Team Lead for the Oregon Symphony/David Douglas SD project, one of my fondest memories of the Studio to School Initiative over these past 5 years will be the friendships I have made through the gatherings. I know it should be about the students’ learning to play a string instrument in their school orchestra or a recorder along with the Oregon Symphony…..but these colleagues of mine have kept me energized and inspired throughout this experience and that makes it all so lasting for me. Although some of the teams’ players have changed over the years, we all knew what their project goals aimed for and we were all cheer leaders for those teams. The comradery has been extremely helpful to me, as I am a staff of one in my education & community engagement department. Although we had musicians who were involved as teaching artists, the administration of this program can be complex and daunting at times, due to schedule and budgetary challenges. Brainstorming with others regarding our partnership has been a bonus. Even though our team worked and communicated together about our project goals, sometimes the gatherings offered opportunities for us to learn ways that other groups dealt with similar challenges, also working in equally understaffed situations.  These are the impacts I felt personally. This work and level of commitment, in turn, impacted our relationship with the David Douglas School District in that we developed a deepened partnership in these gatherings and will continue on professionally after the S2S grant ends. This will benefit the students!

In looking back on all of the Rendezvous and Leadership Team experiences, I can’t single out one locale or activity that impacted me more than others. Each one was so unique and opened our eyes to another community and we witnessed the pride and hope for arts in their community that they all work so hard to foster and grow. This has been such a hopeful and creative five year relationship and it saddens me to end it in August 2019. Any chance for reunions??!!

I don’t think I could offer any ideas to improve the learning community experiences, other than giving us a little more time to just explore the community and to get to know the stakeholders better. It has been a great experience and I look forward to staying in touch with many of these amazing people.

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