Ready to perform with the orchestra!

In year 5 we are going to narrow down our focus on evaluating just grades 3-5 at Gilbert Heights School and the grades 5-8 students receiving free private lessons. In Year 4, we measured attitudes through a survey taken by all students in grades 3-8 in all nine schools.

We found that this was too unwieldy to handle in the amount of time and manpower we have, so we decided to only focus on the original two schools we started with in Year 1 – Gilbert Heights Elementary and Alice Ott Middle School.

We will continue to measure attitudes through surveys in those two schools and the instructors will continue to rank students in music proficiency in Year 5. We will use the data we gathered from Year 4 from those two schools to compare progress. We will continue to collect this information in the fall and spring of Year 5.

This will be the first time we will attempt to gather narratives from students as to their experiences of three years of Link Up concerts (GHE) and 3 years of private lessons (AOMS). This may be in writing or on video; we haven’t made that plan yet!