Alice Ott sectional with teaching artist Greg Ewer

Alice Ott sectional with teaching artist Greg Ewer



GHE students learn about the science of sound from OSO Principal Hornist John Cox









Greatest strengths and assets in this partnership:

  • Committed administration and board in providing music education as a core subject
  • Well-trained, dedicated and active music specialists in all schools K-12
  • High-level orchestra and band program has been maintaining their status statewide, as front-runners in orchestra and band competitions due to their excellence in teaching leadership
  • Interested and involved parents willing to support and attend the music program offerings
  • A new Associate Conductor, Norman Huynh, experienced in music education and is a great ambassador for imparting the importance of musicin our daily lives. He will conduct the Link Up concerts and make visits to the classrooms as they prepare to play with the orchestra
  • Effective teaching artists from 45th Parallel working with the Alice Ott Middle School strings, providing free private lessons to 25 students
  • A robust curriculum and preparation cycle for the grade 3-5 students through the Carnegie Hall Link Up National concert program, culminating in an interactive concert – The Orchestra Rocks” this year on May 4, 2017. This is the 2nd in a 4 year cycle of a series of extremely well-planned participatory concerts between all 9 David Douglas elementary schools and the Oregon Symphony
  • Financial support of the OCF Studio to School grant fund!!!

Leveraging these strengths to go forward in year 4 and 5:

  • Continue working closely with DDSD elementary music specialists in preparation for the Link Up concerts in Year 4 and 5
  • Continue to absorb the concert and transportation costs in order to make this possible
  • Continue to absorb the cost of private lessons and following those students in their progression through the levels
  • Meet with the school administrators in making plans for Oregon Symphony involvement within the district at K-8 levels

Greatest Challenges:

  • Keeping costs within the OCF Studio to School budget and the OSA general operating budget
  • Making time to meet with the administrators and teachers regarding goals planning and progress reporting
  • Gathering the data on students to reflect progress towards goals of educating, recruiting and retaining music makers in Gilbert Heights, Alice Ott and into David Douglas High School
  • Making deep connections in the school district’s community to tap into financial support of music programs’ continued growth and strength

Work in overcoming these challenges to go forward in year 4 and 5:

  • Our leadership team is working together to identify key community members and business leaders to financially support these goals of sustainability
  • The OSA is continually seeking funding to supplement the cost of providing this effective and unique music education support and relationship with this district
  • Music Coordinator, Tom Muller, is working with us to gather data on student involvement, progress and retention in participation through the high school level
conductor Norman Huynh is ready to work with DDSD in making music togther

OSO Conductor, Norman Huynh, is ready to work with DDSD in making music togther!