Oregon Community Foundation Artist Showcase from Elijah Hasan on Vimeo.

Another great gathering in the books!

We came back to the OCF office last week buzzing with fresh ideas, new connections, and the sounds of your stories ringing in our ears. Thank you for being present, bringing your creativity and joy, and for your support of one another.

We were excited to share the collective work of the initiative with newcomers, and especially appreciated your stewardship of the Studio to School principles, as we begin to roll them out to an audience outside of the initiative.

We heard lots of great questions:
“What are the next steps?”
“Where’s the “how” of these principles?”
“The principles look like ideals—how do we measure our progress as we move towards them?”

These are the right questions to be asking! While we don’t consider the principles officially “finished” just yet, we recognize that it’s time to move into the next step of designing and determining measurement. This means it’s time to create of the principles rubric. This fall, we will be holding a series of brainstorming meetings on specific principles to craft a rubric. We’re excited to get started alongside those who expressed interest in this process at the Rendezvous.

We’re looking for all kinds of input in this rubric development process. Do any of these describe you?

  • Do you have a clear picture of what a particular principle looks like at its most realized?
  • Have you or your team really struggled, or succeeded, in regard to a particular principle?
  • Are you able to translate a list of principles into something creative, dynamic and vibrant? Can you take literal thinking and translate it to something visually engaging?
  • Do you have a collection of red editor’s pens? (Are you spell-checking this post as you are reading it?)

We need all of that and more. Don’t let geography be a barrier— we will hold meetings where there is sufficient interest, and help folks with travel as needed. We need your help! Let us know if you would like to be involved, and we’ll be in touch soon.

The OCF Evaluation Team