Thank you for the many thoughtful posts in response to Reflection #9. We enjoyed getting a check-in from programs, and were pleased that many of you used this reflection as an opportunity to highlight one individual involved with your program– teachers, volunteers, art educators and students. It’s instructive– and fun– to get a peek into your projects, and amazing to see how many individuals are working to integrate the arts into schools and communities all over the state. Special thanks to Fishtrap Joseph for helping to craft the prompts for this reflection, and for providing great advice and stimulating ideas.

Many teams found it difficult to choose just one principle to write about, because the principles can be so intertwined! In instances where you see one principle, you’re likely to see more principles popping up alongside of it. That is the nature of principles (and of high-quality programs!). All in all, you identified the following principles as present in your work:

Principle 1 – Create a shared vision for arts education programming through an inclusive and ongoing planning process. Example: Sunriver La Pine

Principle 2 – Develop mutual commitment and responsibility between arts organizations and schools. Example: Fishtrap Joseph

Principle 3 – Honor the diverse perspectives, experiences, and contribution of all involved. Example: CAM Sunset

Principle 4 – Engage experienced and skilled teaching artists and arts educators. Example: Fishtrap Joseph

Principle 5 – Understand and respond equitably to community strengths, histories, and needs. Examples: Shedd Agnes Stewart, RACC Hillsboro

Principle 6 – Provide varied, relevant, and high quality opportunities for students to engage in arts learning. Example: Hollywood/OPEN School

Principle 7 – Develop and maintain a school environment where arts learning can thrive. Example: Sunriver La Pine

Principle 8 – Build appreciation and support for arts education in schools and communities. Example: Lane Arts OakleaSisters

These principles might look slightly different from the version you are familiar with, because behind the scenes here at OCF, we are continuing to update, edit and refine them. Most recently, we incorporated the feedback you provided at the 2017 project leads meeting. This spring, we also worked alongside our Evaluation Advisory Group in an effort to better infuse equity into each principle. Click here to see the most current version of the principles. We feel like we’re getting close!