Hello all!

Kim here with a Studio to School evaluation update and request for your input! At the recent project leads meeting, we shared a new and more detailed version of the “evaluation expectations” document that everyone saw last year. This provides an overview of not just where things are headed with the evaluation, but also what we have all accomplished thus far.

We’ve also recently updated the evaluation overview page. We’ve refined and reorganized the evaluation questions that guide our work, and updated the activities overview to best reflect the work we’ve engaged in.

Here are a few highlights of what we’re cooking up, as we move into the last few years of the Initiative:

  • Deeper work with the Studio to School principles: As we finalize the Studio to School principles, we will develop a rubric to support our use of the principles to assess projects, and a reflective tool that will help the project teams (and other arts educators in Oregon) to reflect on the quality and sustainability of their work.
  • Continued project evaluation support (and use): Following the work you’re doing this spring on logic models, we’ll work with you to develop measurement plans, and support you in capturing and sharing more detailed evidence of your projects’ success. We are especially excited about exploring what we can say about the outcomes we’ll be able to see across projects (e.g., about student learning in the arts) in the last two years of the Initiative.
  • Case studies: We will conduct in-depth case studies of 4 or 5 of the Studio to School projects (projects to be confirmed in fall 2017). Projects selected for case study work will likely need to submit additional information, and may spend more time with the evaluation team (e.g. through extended evaluation visits) during years 4 & 5. These case studies will help us to illustrate how the principles play out in various projects and communities, and explore lessons learned that we can share with the broader arts education community.

For now, here’s what we’d love you to weigh in on:

  • What would you most like to learn about your fellow Studio to School projects, through either e-journal posts (topic ideas?) or the case study work we’ll begin during the 2017-2018 school year?
  • What kinds of tools (or other types of support) would be most helpful as you work to reflect on and apply the Studio to School principles to your projects going forward?
  • Any other questions, ideas or feedback? Please share!

Answer with a comment below, or send an email to Madeline at mbaars@oregoncf.org. She’ll be your best contact while I’m on maternity leave from May through July.