The Oregon Arts & Culture Snapshot is a view of the arts and culture nonprofit landscape in Oregon, and was created to help inform grantmaking at the Oregon Community Foundation (OCF). We combined data from three different sources to paint this picture:

  • OCF: a database containing organizations that have applied for and/or received grants from the foundation;
  • Oregon Cultural Trust: a list of over 1,300 cultural nonprofits that is updated on an ongoing basis with information provided by participating nonprofits;
  • Oregon Department of Justice: information from tax returns filed with the IRS by registered nonprofits operating in the state.

Although these combined sources provided information for over 1,800 nonprofit organizations, this snapshot is not meant to be a comprehensive census of nonprofits in the state. It also does not include for-profit arts and culture organizations or less formal organizations that do not have nonprofit status. Best efforts were made to ensure the accuracy and quality of the data. Additional notes about missing or less reliable information are found throughout the document. The report provides an overview of the total number of arts and culture nonprofit organizations by geographic region and discipline category, as well as a synopsis by total reported revenue.

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