We thought that this reflection assignment would be a fun opportunity for us to try out a video post! With very little scheming ahead of time, we sat down in the OCF offices one afternoon to talk about the way that we have worked together on the Studio to School Initiative and what we’ve learned so far. David took the helm at the camera and offered to facilitate by guiding us through the questions in the reflection assignment. It turned out this was the easy part, as getting the video off of the camera was quite a bit trickier! Once we found the right cord (it’s always the little things), David used iMovie to add a few photos to the beginning, some music, and an admittedly cheesy news theme!

Aside from the logistical challenges, we found this a fun and energizing alternative to writing a post. Here are some highlights of what you’ll hear if you watch:

  • We attempt to explain the various layers of partnership and collaboration that exist at the “Initiative level” with Studio to School, including the collaboration between the program team led by Michelle and the evaluation team led by Kim, and how we’ve engaged other stakeholders like Oregon Humanities and other funders.
  • We talk about how partnership has helped us in this work, including how we’ve leaned on one another’s expertise and energy.
  • While we do a lot of celebrating how well things have gone with our partnership development, we also share some of our challenges, which will likely sound familiar! We’ve also struggled with time – it takes a lot of time and energy to meet and communicate enough to do this work well – more than we expected – we’re definitely still trying to find the right balance.
  • Those watching and listening all the way to the end will get a sense of the ways in which we’ve had to bridge “cultural” differences across our teams – differences in ways that we work and communicate!

We hope you enjoy our conversation!