Studio to School

Rubric Process (Journal #11)

What was the rubric process like for your team?

Our Studio to School team and administrators participated in the rubric process. This includes Liora Sponko (Lane Arts ED), Eric Braman (Arts Education Program Coordinator at Lane Arts), Betsy Wolfston (Teaching artist), Katie Schuessler (Teaching artist), Darbi Haffner (6th grade teacher), Andrew Meskil (8th grade teacher), and Justin Corey (Principal).

Lane Arts Council staff created a draft rubric and shared it at a planning meeting with the rest of the team. Each team member took a hard copy or electronic copy and sent in their changes to Lane Arts Council who compiled their feedback into the final document. The rubric was again shared with the team in case there were additional changes. Overall, there was agreement on the rubric among team members. A few team members moved the same items from one category to another without even knowing it!

Did filling out the rubric help you reflect on your project’s progress?

Yes, filling out the rubric helped us reflect on our project’s progress. It was helpful to see all of the progress we have made over the years and how far the school has come. It was great to see that the school was mostly in the Embedding areas and sometimes Thriving. We have strong teaching artists, engaged teachers, supportive administrators and students who immensely thrive from ArtCore.

It was also helpful to see the areas where there is still much progress to be made. While some work has been done, we have not engaged parents or the general community as much as we would like. We also would like to get more clear on our vision and plan for after the grant has sunset. Many teachers will continue to incorporate ArtCore strategies into their teaching and would like additional support from a teaching artist, instructional assistant or an art specialist to support them as they build arts integrated programming into their lessons. Creating this plan is our next step.

What feedback do you have about the rubric or the pilot process?

The rubric is a helpful tool and we appreciate learning new evaluation methods. It would have been interesting to complete the rubric during year one to see the progress we made over the course of the grant.


Submitted by Liora and Eric.



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