Power of the Media: Arts Education in 2020

Media has the ability to shape what we consume, what we wear, how we think, how we interact with one another and what we determine to be true. Media is power. In the year 2020 our country will have decided on a new president with a vision communicated to us by the media. Students from the inaugural year of our program will be seniors in high school about to embark on the next chapter of their lives as adults. Some may even have the opportunity to participate in voting in this next election. Prior to this pivotal point in our country, arts education will have begun making major strides to increase media literacy so that this next generation of leaders will have the tools necessary to critically analyze, evaluate, and create media. With this surge of media literacy in arts education there will be an outpouring of content created that will be showcased on our physical surroundings and shared on numerous digital platforms for the global community to view and experience. In 2020 arts education will empower us to take the power of the media into our own hands! 

2020 Vision

Media has the ability to be shared across the world in a matter of moments. The stories our students create can be viewed by one individual on their personal computer or projected onto a wall and experienced by thousands. Technology is an ever changing landscape, there will be ways to display and create media that we can’t even fathom today. By 2020 our project will have demonstrated dozens of directions media can take through residencies with innovative new media artists and events that celebrate collaboration and creative risk taking for the public. We hope to have impacted the media arts landscape so that innovative media makers will seek Open School North and Open Signal as a location to share their knowledge and create challenging projects to share with the local and global community. Through these residencies and events we seek to have impacted students, teachers and the community to utilize art for social impact.  We hope that the people affected by our programs will use media art to foster dialogue amongst divided communities and shed light on stories that aren’t being told in the media.  



By: Taylor Neitzke, Director of Programs at Open Signal and S2S Project Lead