Impactful Uses of Our Year 1 Funding

Media Lab, Teaching / Production Supplies
A significant amount of time and resources went into purchasing equipment and materials for the lab at Open Meadow Middle. This previously unused room has been successfully converted into a fully functional space in which staff, guest artists and students utilize daily. 

Now that we’ve established the lab’s equipment inventory our year 2 work funding for this category will go to equipment maintenance as well as teaching/production supplies that will compliment the resources available in the lab.

 Guest Artists / Community Installations
We planned on hosting 24 guest artists throughout the year to do lecture style presentations at OMM. It became apparent during the first few months that students responded to guests in a more attentive and curious way after those visitors had established their presence in the school a few times. Given this  observation we decided to establish an artist residency program in which we would experiment with a few different project durations over the course of the spring semester. 

We had also set out at the beginning of the year to create 4 community installations. We decided to integrate this component into our artist residency program which we found to be a very successful model. Through these residencies we were able to increased afterschool learning opportunities for OMM students and heighten visibility of Open Meadow in the community. We intend take this model a step further in the fall by pairing our fall artist in residence, internationally renowned mural painter INSA, with OMM’s full-time art teacher for the month of September. 

During INSA’s 4 week residency he will create an animated mural on an 18-ft. wide by 12-ft. high section of OMM’s highly visible N. Lombard facing exterior wall. The subject of the mural will be decided upon in collaboration with OMM students. This project will be funded in part by the Regional Arts and Culture Council’s Public Arts Mural Program grant which will allow for minimal alterations to our year 2 budget in regards to guest artist compensation and community installations.

Out of School Arts Learning
We encountered difficulty when seeking locations for field trips that would allow the entire 60 student population to attend. The 3 field trips required minimal spending as 2 of them were held at the Hollywood Theatre. We recently held a field trip for 9 students to tour the Right 2 Dream Too community in which they interviewed Ibrahim Mubarak and afterwards met with Vanport survivor, Ed Washington at PSU. Each student that attended had signed up well in advance and had an invested interest in the trip and activities they participated in. We intend to reevaluate our year 2 funding to reflect this style of our of school arts learning so that we can create more opportunities for smaller groups of students to have meaningful experiences that are crafted to individual interests.

Professional Development
Thanks to a relationship that was established by the Studio to School partnership the Hollywood Theatre will partner with Caldera during their Teacher Training Symposium on May 29 – 31. This weekend will mark the first of many planned collaborations between Caldera and HT. Over the 2 day event the HT will host 2 workshops on animation integration into the core curriculum. We are also scheduled to partner with Right Brain Initiative on their Arts Learning Symposium at PAM on June 16th and 17th. HT will conduct a 90 min workshop for 30 adults on media arts integration inspired by their S2S work during the 14-15 school year.

Instead of hosting a summer symposium as intended we’ve decided to postpone this event until April of 2016 in order to host the event at Camp Caldera. In the mean time the Teacher Training Symposium will allow for us to establish a relationship with Caldera, access the possibilities for a larger event in the space and promote the opportunity to a wider range of arts educators and advocates.

 S2S Team 
These funding changes have altered a few roles and responsibilities of our team. The Resident Media Artist is more largely focused on community engagement via public art installations, teacher trainings, get togethers and symposiums. As guest artists for the most part have become artists in residence they require a higher amount of training and management by the Resident Media Artist so that they are aware of HT and OM policies and procedures. The Project Facilitator’s role is more geared towards immediate and local needs of the school such as lab maintenance, media management and resource generation and dissemination.


Taylor Neitzke
Education Manager for the Hollywood Theatre
Resident Media Artist at Open Meadow