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Journal Reflection 2: Partnerships

We had originally proposed to bring guest artists in for the day to speak about their practice. After the Hollywood Theatre acclimated to Open Meadow and accessed the needs of the school it was decided that guest artist would be brought in not only for one day presentations but also for short and long term residencies. Digital Media Artist Brian Dove was our first guest. Brian collected research on the Leap Motion controller and it’s use in the classroom. He then presented his findings to the school through an interactive demonstration which gave students and teachers the opportunity to try out the Leap. We decided to take it a step further and have Brian teach an after-school workshop so that students could help design their own Leap Motion game which Brian is now working to make a reality.

Our partnership with Brian has been an incredibly positive experience. This partnership has allowed us to expose our students and teachers to cutting edge technology and the field of  virtual reality. It would also not be possible to have a game designed without Brian’s knowledge and expertise. We would highly recommend to other Studio to School sites to try inviting guest artists to present, teach workshops and create a project. Having multiple ways of involvement as well as a repeated presence at the school was key for our site.

We are also currently experimenting with a long term artist in residence format. Tori Abernathy has been selected as our first artist in residence which will allow us to create a large scale public art installation. Tori will be teaching an after school workshop as well collaborating with teachers during the school day. Her project proposal was selected because of its potential to be integrated throughout the core curriculum. She has already assisted with a music production class and has plans to collaborate with Language Arts and Social Studies. This partnership was created so that we could engage the larger Portland community while creating a bridge between the core curriculum at Open Meadow. So far it seems to be working!

A variety of one time guest speakers have been brought into the school as well which has definitely helped to inspire and broaden perspectives. Our advice to other Studio to School sites is to partner with as many artists as possible from an array of disciplines and backgrounds; the response we have received from doing so has made a huge cultural shift in the school.

Check out the other guest artists and speakers we’ve partnered with:

Dr. Geneva Craig

Jeff Oliver

Ben Popp

Isaiah Spriggs



Taylor Neitzke

Education Manager for the Hollywood Theatre

Resident Media Artist at Open Meadow Middle School


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