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E-Journal: Change continues

What was the rubric process like for your team?

Members of our team: McKenzie Hughes, Susie Dobkins, Nathan Perkins, Michelle Friedrichsen, David Robinson, Cathy Manning and Eric Nichols participated in the rubric process. We e-mailed multiple times and discussed an agenda. An agenda was created and the team was supplied with various copies of the S2S rubrics both blank and filled out to use as examples for the Harney rubric and the overall process explained. First, we met to discuss the planning for the rubric pilot process.

Following some discussion and after reading through and briefly discussing each line item the group was split into two smaller groups to focus on the 2 large focuses. Following small group discussions, the two came together to discuss their recommendations. Vision and school environment were chosen as focuses and dormant to thriving were wordsmithed to the satisfaction of the whole.

Following the verbiage adjustment the group discussed from their perspective where they felt the project currently lay. Slight differences existed between project roles, but for the most part members were in alignment on project progress.

Did filling out the rubric help you reflect on your project’s progress?

Filling out the rubric was beneficial to the group in that it provided a potential roadmap of where a group may go and also allowed the group to reflect on the movement that has already taken place.

Having come from no art in the middle school to a full fledged art program with art in the middle and high school along with a music program is a large step for the Burns-Hines schools and Harney County community.

What feedback do you have about the rubric or the pilot process?

The process was quality in that it allows for collaboration and an understanding of not only a process, but an understanding of a fluid development of the project as whole. While differences in opinion did and will surface based on team roles, there is room for deep discussions, collaboration, and an eye on growth in Harney schools.

What, if any, aspects of your project did you identify that could use improvement/more attention?

There are a couple different components we are looking at improving in year 5. With administrative turnover, teacher turnover and a shifting focus from year to year with these changes, vision setting will again need reset and developed as an entire staff.

Written by Eric Nichols with collaboration by D. Robinson, S. Dobkins, C. Manning, N. Perkins, M. Hughes, M. Friedrichsen.

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