While this post is somewhat short and sweet it is succinct and well thought out and carries with it a message of sustainability and effectiveness.

The strengths of Harney County schools and the Harney County are immense and bring several essential components to the table that will ensure sustainability. It can be said that Harney County has been through some trials and tribulations over the past 2 years with not only the Malheur occupation, the Malheur occupation acquittals and the massive leadership turnover in Harney schools. One thing that has remained is a passion for the arts! Yet another passion….a passion for students and student learning.

Having seen the long line of supporters during a time of budget strife for band and the arts it is quite obvious that this community wants not only art, but quality arts instruction within our schools. Quality instruction takes place within our schools as evidenced by the school receiving a back to back rating of 5 on the Oregon Report card less than 3 years ago.

Challenges include the tremendous turnover in administration and in our teaching staff.

Leveraging our strengths and analyzing our weaknesses we will instill our art integration practices into our current teaching methods and lessons and post these lessons on our website so that they will live on in our efforts with new staff and live on for multiple folks to see in our current teaching environment and for others to benefit as well. The training and experiences received through our grant will live on in the website and in the lessons and works produced. Because our staff has invested their time and their efforts into this project it has meaning in all core subjects. We will continue to post exemplary work throughout the time of the grant and beyond to keep this emotional connection with the lessons and to combat the weakness of staff turnover.  

PLCs continually recycle lessons at the middle school level to ensure best practices. This said, PLCs will continually develop best practices and conversations based around our art integration efforts because they have been effective and the data leans to this.