Studio to School

Year 2–EVAL

Reflection #7 – Evaluating Year Two Studio Achievements

Harney Schools are rockin’ and rollin’ with successes!  Our goals continue to be student exposure in the rural communities and exposure and appreciation within Harney School District #3. Levels of involvement range from exposure to skill building. All the while our students are developing connections to the arts and in doing so will continue their participation in the arts through high school and on into their adult lives.

Our measures of success will include attendance, attendance at performing arts activities, student participation over time, and end-of-year surveys.


Within school, art classes including band, choir and art, learning will be judged by course surveys, grades and attendance. Art integration classes, this year social science and next year social science an ELA will have the same.

Within co-curricular activities and clubs, learning will be tracked by participation.

A full analysis of data is to be completed September 30, 2016.

Summer activities include multiple camps including visual art camp (Harney Art Camp and iPad Academy) along with activities by the Kids Club which support our mission and provide professional development for our Harney teachers.

We surveyed our art integration students in social science and will do so in social science and ELA this year.

All survey data will be compiled by September 30 and used for planning the work in 2016-2017.


Planning for Next Year

Planning – We will continue to use Teacher and Student Voice in our planning. What do our customers want?


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