What: Your fifth reflection e-journal assignment is to respond to the following prompt:

Using the framework below, share detail about, and reflect on, the arts education offerings available in the school(s) in which your project is working – both those developed through your Studio to School project and those outside the scope of your Studio to School project. See the examples below to get a better sense of the detail we’re looking for. Be sure to remember to also answer the questions below the table.


Arts Education Offerings (list each below) Was this developed through S2S project? (Yes or No) Types of Programming (Check box for those that apply) Additional Detail
In-School Out-of-School Sequential Integration Exposure Other (explain in notes) What students is offering intended/ available for? (Grades, #, any qualifiers/ prerequisites) With what intensity is it offered? (days & hours by week/month) Notes (if additional detail/ explanation needed)
Band Equipment Yes X X 5-12 560min/week
Instrument Repairs Yes x X 5-12 560 min/week
Art Supplies Yes x X K-12 Random
Music Teacher Yes x X K-8 60 min/week in 2014-2015/student
School Concerts Yes x X K-12 Random
Field Trips Yes x X X X K-12 Random
Missoula Childrens Theatre No x X 4-12 1/year for 1 week for 15 hours
Artists in Residence Yes x X X K-12 2 weeks at 4hrs/day
Training Educators Yes x x x x K-12 8hrs/school
Summer Camps Yes x x x x K-12 2 weeks—8 hrs/day


  • What arts education offering that is new as a result of your Studio to School project do you think has been most impactful to date – either for students, teachers, or your school community more generally? Why do you think that is?

Tremendous question! In each different setting the impact has been different. At HMS the artist in residence along with the art integration have been impactful for students and teachers. We’ve gathered feedback from teachers/students that confirms this.

  • How are you working to connect these various offerings to make arts education more coordinated or comprehensive through your Studio to School project? As an outside agency (ESD) this is somewhat difficult; however, we are attempting to coordinate our efforts to involve both the rural and in-town school opportunities. We’ve developed an art integration schedule by focusing on the SS in 2015-2016, ELA in 2016-2017 and then Science and finally Math.
  • How are you working to ensure that these offerings are responsive to the needs and interests of your community?

By working with our Community Based organization we gain input each month at our meetings.


IMPORTANT: When you submit this in your e-journal, there will be a two-step process. First, you’ll enter the detail from the table into a form (we’ll send the link to everyone by early November). Then, you’ll receive a pdf copy that you will be able to include in your post. This will be MUCH easier than trying to copy the below table, and will help us to aggregate everyone’s responses.