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Fishtrap Reflection E-Journal Entry #11: The Rubric Process

What was the rubric process like for your team?
In general, overwhelming and a bit frustrating. There was a lot of confusion about the goal of the process. Who was it for? The team felt that the tool was too complicated to be helpful to the folks doing the work, and not necessarily a good communication too for administrators. When viewed as a tool for OCF to use externally to help promote arts integration efforts in schools outside the S2S cohort, it became a bit less burdensome and bureaucratic.
  • Who participated and how? Shannon McNerney, Fishtrap Executive Director, Cam Scott, Fishtrap Story Lab Coordinator, and Liza Strickland, Joseph Charter School lead teacher. Each team member had time to reflect separately and then came together for a meeting to come to consensus about where we were at each step. Shannon gathered the data and gave it to Cam to address specific examples. Shannon and Cam worked together to clean up and submit the final report.
  • When you came together to talk about the rubric, was there agreement among team members? What differences, if any, surfaced through this process? Not initially. There were multiple views depending on how much “on the ground” view the team member had. Liza’s viewpoint was specific to Joseph Charter’s middle school students, where Cam had a more diverse view due to his efforts in classrooms throughout the county. Shannon had yet another view as an administrator. Eventually, we decided to capture these differences as we thought they gave good insight into the program.
Did filling out the rubric help you reflect on your project’s progress?
 It did, although there are likely easier ways to achieve this.
  • What, if any, new insights about your project did filling out the rubric generate? How wide the gap is in implementation among the schools we serve, and how thinly stretched we are.
  • What, if any, aspects of your project did you identify that could use improvement/more attention? We need more trained writers to be in classrooms. We also need to work harder at getting active support from our school administrators. They’re passively supportive, but their schedules make accessibility difficult.
What feedback do you have about the rubric or the pilot process?
 Asking the case study teams to fill out all seven principles the first time through the process was a big request, especially in lieu of the rest of the work requested from OCF during the same period.
  • What, if any, changes to the rubric itself or the process of using it would you recommend? Please be aware of academic calendars and skill sets. Most of us are not data experts, and taking what little time we have to attend hour-long webinars in addition to the rest of the work was often a problem. Making the tool more flexible to the program would also be a help. Being clear with the goals of the process would help us focus. In general, the team did not feel that this would be a tool they would want to use regularly.
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