Our guiding questions for this year’s evaluation are:

  1. How and how well is the program helping teachers to build comfort with arts integration techniques?
  2. How is the program impacting the school? To what extent is the program shifting school culture to be more supportive of arts education?

For the first question, we will be looking at the Professional Development offerings that we will have for teachers this year.  We will be keeping track of the number of opportunities for PD as well as the number of attendees and compare those numbers from last year.  New this year, we will gather feedback from teachers twice during the year in order to gauge their range of comfort with arts integration.  Also new, we will have an opportunity for teachers to share lessons and we will keep track of the number of lessons created.

For the second question, we will be focusing on collecting the following data:

  1. Teacher goal setting for 2018-19 and compare to last year’s goals. Last year all Sunset teachers were required to have either an arts integration or a PBIS goal for the year.  This year all teachers have to set both goals.
  2. Keep track of family and community participation at all school art related events and compare with last year’s numbers. Last year, we planned three family art events at the school. They were well received but  attendance was low.  We hope to increase participation this year We will also track parent volunteer hours.
  3. We will continue to have parent and teacher surveys about the impact of the program on students and school culture. We plan to add video interviews of students this year.  This is something that we did three years ago and would like to do again.  Last year, we weren’t intentional about getting student feedback.  We had used written reflection questions to get student feedback during the first three  years, but did not have the capacity to do that last year.  We hope that student interviews will give us better feedback.

This year we will continue doing a monthly art vocabulary tests with all students.  We will also be more intentional about displaying artwork throughout the school.  Last year we started keeping track of student displays and tracking how many times individual students had their artwork displayed.  We want every student’s work to be displayed in the halls at least once during the year. In addition, all artwork will be displayed at the year end art show.